See upcoming church events alongside your personal diary 

We announced on 23rd April 2017 that events in CLF Greenwich calendar can be synchronised into any calendar programme that supports the iCalendar(.ics) file format e.g. Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad etc. This meant that you can view upcoming church events alongside your personal, or office, mobile calendar. Also, any event changes to the church calendar will automatically be updated on your mobile diary.

To give you additional flexibility to slot into upcoming events in the church calendar, we've listed these events on ChurchSuite. You can now view and reserve your spot at upcoming events through the mobile app in addition to the CLF Greenwich website. Consequently, the iCal feed for synchronising events to your phone has been updated to:


You'll need this link for both options below:

Option 1: Sync church calendar directly to the calendar on your mobile device (recommended)

iPhone / iPad users
1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3. Tap on Add Account... under the Accounts section.
4. Tap on Other (bottom of the list of email providers)
5. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar under the Calendars section.
6. Copy and paste the iCal feed above in the server location. Tap Next
Enter 'CLF Greenwich' as the description. (No need to enter anything else on this page).
8. Click Save. That's it...... CLF Greenwich calendar will now show in your calendar app

Android users
You will need to first download an iCal app (Android devices do not synchronise with iCal by default). Follow this link to see how to.

Option 2: Sync church to the calendar on your mobile device through your email calendar
This option has the benefit of notifying you of changes (new events, cancellation, edits) to the church calendar by email. However we have since noticed that once an event has ended, you will get an event cancellation email. To see the church events on your mobile device, make sure the email account you are using is connected to your mobile device.

1. Google Calendar users >>> Click here to see how (Two-thirds of the way down the page)

2. Yahoo Calendar users 

a. In your Yahoo Mail, go to Calendar (usually found on the top left hand side of the page)
b. Click Actions (just below the search field) 
c. Clikc Follow Other Calendars in the dropdown menu
d. Give the calendar a name 'CLF Greenwich', copy and paste the iCal feed above into the iCal feed address.
e. Make sure you set it to refresh automatically. Set a reminder if you want one - Click continue

(If there is an error message, try the process again.)

3. Hotmail or Outlook users

a. In, go to your calendar.
b. Click Import.
c. Click Subscribe.
d. In the Calendar URL box, copy and paste the iCal feed above into the iCal feed address.
e. Enter a name e.g. 'CLF Greenwich' and choose a color.
f. Click Subscribe.

Source: Microsoft website