Prayer pointers (February 2017 onwards)

Here are the areas we'll be focusing when we meet to pray. For more details on how to slot in, visit: or

1. Prayer for the vision of the church. Our vision is to be a growing city-wide Christ centre family church committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. We fulfil this vision as we:
  • Love God wholeheartedly. This is our worship
  • Love people unconditionally. This is our ministry
  • Share the gospel without compromise. This is our commitment to evangelism
  • Build a vibrant family of believers. This is our fellowship
  • Equip our members into Christlikeness. This is our mission to make disciples

2. LEaP (Emphasis for 2017)
  • Leadership - Members to be empowered to be leaders in their pursuit of discipleship in church, at home and in the marketplace
  • Evangelism – Members to be equipped for a lifestyle of evangelism and various evangelistic initiatives (inc. Alpha, School of Evangelism, Bible Studies, etc)
  • Power of God – Members to equipped and grow in confidence in a commitment to holiness, purity, prayer, fasting, prophetic and healing ministry, faith building and power evangelism

3. Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Local Council
  • Education, Youth, Families, Police, Refugees, other faiths, lost souls

4. Government
  • Prime Minister
  • Cabinet Members
  • Opposition Parties

5. CLF Churches
  • UK: Lambeth, South Woodford, Scotland, Aldershot, Enfield, Medway
  • Overseas: Ghana, Kenya, India, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria
6. Refresh
  • Speakers
  • Administration
  • Financial provision for the event, those attending and those wanting to attend
  • Power encounters and anointing on those ministering, serving and attending
  • Protection
7. Souls saved and added to the church inc Alpha course
  • Favour with estate agents, vendors, local council and community
  • Financial wisdom and provision
  • Building within the Borough of Greenwich that will service the vision of CLF