Important changes to the Prayer Schedule at CLF Greenwich

Great news, God has been so faithful in giving us the grace to increase our prayer cover as a church through the early morning prayer meetings.  So, we have now created even greater capacity for everyone to join in online by either smartphone, tablet or laptop.

As a result, we shall be implementing the following two changes beginning on Monday 3rd April:

  • There will now be an evening prayer meeting between 9.00pm - 10.00pm (this will replace the Prayer Night on Fridays at Blackheath and Charlton Church). Please note this will be an online meeting.
  • Wednesday prayer meetings at West Greenwich Community Centre will now run between 7.30pm - 8.45pm.

As a team we strongly believe that God's house should be a house of prayer and invite you to continue to partner with us in this endeavour.

You can join these meetings online in four ways:

Option 1: Dial in using your phone
  1. Call +44 (0) 20 3713 5011. This number is considered a landline in the UK and can be used as part of your inclusive minutes if your mobile service provider is UK based.
  2. Enter this code followed by #: 445-864-485 (you don't need an audio pin)
Option 2: Join us from a mobile app
  1. Search and download GoToMeeting on the app store for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems
  2. Launch the app and join us by entering this access code as meeting ID: 445-864-485 or 'clfgreenwich'
Option 3: Join us from your web browser
  1. Visit
  2. To join the meeting, enter this code: 445-864-485
  3. Please note: If you have already downloaded GoToMeeting app on your computer, you will continue to join from the desktop app 
Option 4: Join us from a desktop app
  1. Download the desktop app by clicking here
  2. Launch the app and enter this code: 445-864-485