Letter from Canon J John to BBC on the broadcaster's 'anti-Christian Bias' 

Our senior minister, Joseph Boadu would like to share this letter with you: a letter from Canon J John to BBC on BBC's 'anti-Christian Bias'. Canon J John calls for three things in his conclusion: fairness, courage, and earnestness when it comes to the broadcaster's representation and presentation of Christianity.

Feel free to share amongst your friends and family as you see fit. 

Dear BBC,

I mix with many people in many different church circles and there is a consensus that the BBC has a problem with Christianity, to the extent that it is taken for granted that there is an ‘anti-Christian bias’. I realise there are problems with this phrase, not least because it implies a deliberate and organised discriminatory policy which I’m not sure is actually the situation. Nevertheless, for convenience I will let it stand.

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