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Corporate Events 
Corporate events and dates for 2020

1st March 2020 we celebrated twenty-six years of CLF’s existence.

We aimed to mark this through a series of events and activities.  These included:
Prayer and fasting for twenty-one days
Seeking the Lord’s face through prayer and fasting on two separate occasions as a token of our appreciation and also as an act of faith for His leadership over our lives:
  • 1st to 21st March
  • 1st to 21st July 

 Apostolic Missions 
These are mission trips to specific nations by our General Overseer to strengthen and envision CLF as well as minister to the body of Christ within those nations (Some of these have had to be postponed):

  • India 7th to 17th February
  • Kenya 18th to 23rd June
  • Ghana 23rd April to 29th April
  • Burkina Faso 5th to 11th November
  • Sierra Leone 17th to 22nd December 
CLF Corporate events in the UK 
  • Online Anniversary Service 22nd March view online here
  • Refresh 2020 24th to 26th July
  • Embrace 2020! (Joint Watch night service) – 31st December watch here